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Netia McKray

Netia McKray -MIT Graduate, founder of Mbadika

Netia McKray -MIT Graduate, founder of Mbadika

When I first met Netia Mccray I had not known much about her work as founder of Mbadika. After doing my own research, in preparation for shooting one of her events, I was astounded by how much this young woman has accomplished. 

On her LinkedIn page, Netia described herself as a  'Dreamer and Doer of Impossible Things', she then continues, “my passion is to foster world-changing ideas and assist those who create them through my work fostering youth-driven innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Not only is Netia fulfilling that desire, but she is also spearheading advancements by her work with her Boston based non-profit organization, Mbadika which means “Ideas” in Kimbundu. 

Netia saw a tangible need in our Boston schools to provide access to technology which encourages excitement around STEM-based learning. Mbadika answers this need by fostering an environment that nurtures each child's inner-engineer. This drive to be able to foster these skills is currently a difficult task because of Boston school conditions, which holds true to those in the 11 countries of which Mbadika currently has partners. 

Utilizing 3D printing technology and virtual reality partnered with her favorite pop culture characters she creates a relatable urge to know more while keeping her students' attention hooked long enough to last for more than a few years!

As an MIT graduate Netia nobly turned down a career in the hub of technology, silicon valley to answer this incredible calling which will surely create a lasting impact throughout the world. 

Still interested? Be sure to check out everything MBADIKA by following them on Instagram @Mbadika 

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