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BEHIND THE LENS - Tips from Your Photographer

3 Tips to Communicating with Your Photographer

Its almost “picture day” and just like the old days you’re beginning to get nervous, anticipating what the day will be like and of course what you’re going to wear. Communicating your needs with your photographer beforehand is a great way to ensure your big day is a special one. Now, you may be planning a simple branding session for your new business or something a bit more complex, perhaps, a wedding. The truth is no matter how small or large the project, communication before your big day is essential to receiving the best results. So what do you say, what do you ask and when?

Not to worry, I’ve got you covered! Check out my 3 top tips for communication your vision to your photographer.

  1. Visual for Visual - Have you ever been in the room and someone was speaking a completely different language? Perhaps you’ve even had someone approach you because they assumed you spoke the same language. Whatever the case was, the truth is they were trying to communicate something and you were trying to understand. The same is true in communicating with your photographer. Of course he/she speaks your language but most certainly they are visual beings and showing them an example or inspiration of what you envision can be great to keep you both on the same page for your big day. You might even consider creating a vision board together or selecting images from pinterest and sharing through your google drive. Keep in mind your reasoning for hiring or wanting to hire a specific photographer should be based on their work which means your ideas and inspiration should come from what they’ve shown as their abilities.

  2. Ask questions - Photography is an art and asking questions about your photographer’s style of shooting, things that make it easier for them on “picture day”, or even how much time they may need to set up, are all great questions. Great communication is a mixture of the right questions asked and the right answers provided so don’t be afraid to learn more about your photographer and how you both can work together to make your day a success.

  3. Let’s make it a Trio - Don’t be afraid to think of your big day as a team effort. Hiring a stylist is a great idea to ease your worries of what to wear and what will photograph well. An even better idea is to connect your stylist with your photographer. Share images from your favorite pinterest boards and what new colors and patterns you’d love to try. Together you’ll be able to discuss lighting options patterns to stay away from and colors that photograph well.

Now get ready for one of the most memorable days of your life. If you’ve learned nothing else remember communication is essential to a successful picture day! We can’t wait to see your new shots.

Ahfeeyah C. Thomas